This project by Appointy interns is going viral! Here’s why.

You really need a new haircut! Even if you don’t, imagine that you do. 😀 

So, in case you don’t have a regular salon to go to, what will you do?
You’ll google the good places in town. Bingo!

But as you are soon to find out there’s absolutely a jungle out there of salons. You’re just about to give up your search and suddenly THIS pops up in your Facebook news feed.


And in no time your decision is made. You head over to WXYZ Salon to get a fabulous haircut.

So what propelled your decision in this case? An indirect word of advice from someone you know (of). Imagine the wonders these kind of good words can do for a business.

That is what the potential of reviews in Marketing is! Point made?

We at Appointy believe in exploiting every growth hack to help businesses grow exponentially. Nemesh (CEO, Appointy) realised the amazing potential that customer reviews have in order for a business to grow and hence, envisioned to increase the reviews that our customers get from 200 to 2000.


Remember Shan and Lav, who helped make the Appointy website hack resistant a few months back. Well these two were given the responsibility for the same.

So our two super interns set to work.

The initial step was understanding and learning from other companies that have set a benchmark in helping their customers get more review. Shan and Lav analysed the tactics used by them and started framing a structure of their own.

After that, they went through the outline laid by SCHEMA. The term “schema” refers to the organization of data as a blueprint of how the database is constructed. These instructions helped them develop the technology step by step.


Shan and Lav understood the entire mechanism in which reviews were taken from the customers and started pointing out the problems with the same. They basically simplified the process.
For ex: For a customer to write a review, they had to click on a link in the mail which took them to another page. Shan and Lav created a technology which enabled customers to enter their reviews in the mail itself, eliminating the need to open a different page.
It looked something like this:

Believe it or not, but it actually increased the probability of customers writing a review.

Another beautiful change that they made was introducing a review card. These cute little cards would let customers write their review and instantly share it on social media. Have a look! I dare you to not write a review when these beauties are displayed. *_*

image (1).png

The Last Word

Shan and Lav came up with a lot of simple changes like these and built a way more efficient system for Appointy than before.

All of us are waiting for the launch of this new feature with our fingers crossed. Wish us luck!
To suggest more changes, do comment. We’ll be happy to hear fresh thoughts from you. ^_^

Also if you’re impressed by what Shan and Lav did, just like we are, share their story.

-Anviti Chaurasiya

The writer girl! Does Sunday brunching with books. Lover of all things sweet and sugary.

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