A sneak peek into Appointy’s 6th Annual Offsite: The Abu Dhabi Chronicles

International offsites at Appointy are like a much-anticipated annual celebration, and this year, the destination had us buzzing with excitement. It was none other than the oasis city of Abu Dhabi! Now, before you picture towering buildings, luxurious malls, and endless deserts, hold on, because the place had surprises in store. 

As we eagerly researched the cultural gems the place had to offer, our excitement knew no bounds. It’s that time of the year after all. And if we had to capture the team’s mood in a single word? Electrifying! 

After meticulous planning led by our ultimate offsite planner, Anviti, the team was all set to take off. 🚀

Fast forward to touchdown in the island city, and here we are – a bunch of thrilled travelers, soaking in the warmth, but more importantly, brimming with contagious excitement.

Trust us, this is just a teaser. 😌

In this blog, we’ll take you through Appointy’s sixth international offsite, so brace yourself for a jam-packed adventure. 😁

The Abu Dhabi Experience 

As we said, there is so much more to this city than meets the eye. From the friendly old Emirati uncles selling spices, incense, and stories of the past to a hidden cafe where locals sip on strong Arabic coffee, sharing tales and laughter – Abu Dhabi is a vibe, to say the least.

And for those of us who were looking for an adrenaline rush, Ferrari World offered us all the thrills. Even if you’re not into racing, the sheer thrill of being in one of the world’s fastest roller coasters? Totally worth it!

Vibhu’s reaction after one of those stomach-churning rides speaks volumes, doesn’t it?

After dedicating a day to celebrate our collective wins at the annual offsite conference, everyone got into the adventure mode.

An unforgettable rollercoaster adventure  

For Bitan, who went on a company offsite for the first time, Sea World was the place where he saw stars both times of the day. 😛 

When he sat down on the seemingly uneventful (read: normal) ride that, he expected, would take him through the passages with water on either side, he could never foresee what was to come:

“If there’s one word I would use to describe that best, it would be – unassuming. We were its first prey for the day. The employees there welcomed and sat us onto the seats, lulling us with a false sense of security, with promises of beautiful aquatic sights. The smiles on our faces washed away as the doors in front of us opened to steep tracks with loops and twists. My first thought, “Holy shit! What did I just get myself into?!” The stomach-churning experience lasted 43 seconds and we didn’t shy away from getting others onto the scenic tour of the “aquatic sights” 😈”

Starry nights and endless dunes 

After a long day at one of the theme parks, Warner Bros. World, the team went out on the next adventure: Desert Safari.

Here’s what Jatin from the Engineering team has to say about his experience.

“This was my first desert safari and it was thrilling, to say the least! From camel rides to tearing through the sand on ATVs, it was an unforgettable experience. What made it even more special was sharing it with my incredible team. It was an impromptu plan, but when we all gathered there, it created an amazing vibe.”

The Louvre Expedition 

For Rashi, museums have always been a source of fascination and when she visited the Louvre, it took that captivation to a whole new level:

“I was left in awe right from the moment we stepped into the Louvre. The building in itself is a masterpiece – the attraction being the vast silver dome floating above the museum. Inspired by Arabic architecture, it is a beautiful structure that adorns the museum with patterns as the sun passes. Trust me when I say this, it is an art lover’s dream come true. 

On the other note, look at us not imitating the Last Supper 😛”

The ‘Penguins of Madagascar’ experience 

When Vibhu saw penguins in the hot, hot lands of Abu Dhabi, he exclaimed ‘Penguins of Madagascar!’ and here’s him sharing his excitement:

“I truly hadn’t expected to see penguins in the midst of the desert. Could it be Dave, Skipper, and Kowalski plotting an escape from Sea World? Unlikely. Watching these creatures glide through the water, waddle adorably, and look expectantly at their caretaker for food was very calming. Definitely one of the best memories I’ve had from the trip.”

Just like a few anecdotes that have been shared, everybody carried home a core memory that they’ll cherish forever. 

Until we go on an adventure again! 

Our Abu Dhabi offsite wasn’t just a run-of-the-mill trip. When we asked Shaurya how he would describe the offsite experience in one word, he rightly and enthusiastically said, “Rollercoasters”! It was truly an adventure – brimming with laughter, camaraderie, and unforgettable escapades. 

These offsites are not just traditions, they are the lifeblood of our company culture. They weave connections that extend beyond our color-coordinated meeting rooms, pumping us with a renewed flow of energy and refreshing our perspectives. 

As we reflect on our recent adventure, how about you take a look at some of the fantastic offsites we have had in the past?




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As Nemesh, our CEO, would say, these offsites remind us of the incredible journey we’ve been on together, how we’ve conquered challenges, celebrated victories, and grown as a team. 

Cheers to many more to come! 🥳

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