Halloween at Appointy – Our First Spooky Season Edition

First-ever Halloween party at our brand-new office?

To say the least, we celebrated in style! 🧟

As Lehar and her team of fellow mischief-makers got into a vigorous planning and execution zone, we could see how the spookiness in the office was turning a notch up every passing minute.

Perfectly-rested (read: cleverly-hidden) mummies? Check. Hanging skeletons? Check. Moody lights? Check.

So what are we waiting for?

Here comes the D-day! 👻

This is how our Halloween party area was set up:

Must say, the cloudiness that engulfed us that evening set the mood just right.

As everyone – from our employees to the newly-recruited interns – started pouring in in their spooktacular (downplaying this a bit here 😛) costumes, it was… Hold up, we think these pictures can speak for themselves 😌

Coupled with the costume contest was an array of scrumptious treats,

And fun games.

Let’s face it, pictures or it didn’t happen, right? The creatively set up photo booth came to our rescue – adding an extra element of entertainment with the props, backdrop, and decorations.

But what is Halloween without some spine-chilling horror stories in a dimly lit room full of people?

The screams amidst the red light-emitting balloons (that kept bursting at the worst possible moment in the story) were nothing short of chilling.

We reeled back into reality soon after. Took us a while, but we tried. 🤪

Here’s some of us pretending to have a very important discussion – all dressed up!

We concluded the evening on a high note of laughter and team bonding – having shared a good, good time.

And we tried to squeeze 4 hours of that into a 21-second video 😌 Hop on over and enjoy!

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