Life at Appointy? It’s pretty awesome!

Hey! I am Himanshu and I intern here at Appointy. Before deciding to fill the non-tech form for Code Studio 3.0, I thought a lot about whether going to Appointy would help in any way. Sure, I could use the monthly stipend, but I wasn’t really sure if I wanted to do the kind of work that I thought I would be doing here. Being the curious self that I am, I have tinkered with almost any work that I found interesting : from designing in Photoshop, to trying to learn 3D modelling on Blender, to trying to make python programs, to designing electronics circuits, to running around Bhopal to find sponsors for college festivals, to trying parliamentary debating, to managing a debating society, to trying my hands on academic research. But here’s the thing, I am not really an expert at any of the stuff that I mentioned. So I found myself in a really uncomfortable spot when I realized that my years at MANIT were coming to an end, and that I have to actually decide what I am going to do with my career next! I decided that what I need the most right now is some experience out in the real world. So I decided to go for it, and fill the best intern application form I have seen till date (there, I said it). I have been at Appointy for a little more than two weeks, and I have to admit, applying for Appointy was one the few good decisions that I have taken as a young adult. Let me explain.

There are many things which make Appointy a really unique workplace. Firstly, it’s a startup (duh!), so you have a lot of the usual startup perks: cool office, cool people and a closely knit team. But ‘startup’  has already become a vague term; technically, SpaceX is still a startup. What makes Appointy unique is that it is still bootstrapped (bootstrapped and proud), so, despite the immense success that the company has had till now, we are actually just getting started. After my first meeting with the CEO, COO and other interns, I quickly realized this, the company is at a stage where it’s growing at warp speed. There is always some ’super important amazing, fantastic thing’ that we are working on. Just before I started my internship, Appointy had cracked its biggest deal yet. And given that we (the interns) are heavily involved in all this work, the experience that we gain is way beyond what I expected, and I love it. The place is filled with opportunities for a Jack-of-all-trades like me. And the best part is that you grow at the same pace as Appointy grows. The kind of work that we get is similar to what a typical VP of marketing, sales etc. would have on their everyday schedule.


Finding Nemo entering the vortex scene.
Everything becomes a lot less intimidating if you are with the right people.


The thing here is that you, as an intern, can be both the top and bottom of the company. You have to take decisions as well as work on it. I have learned so much about how a company is run, how decisions are made and how work is done, in literally just two weeks here. And this knowledge is more empowering than it seems at first glance. Once you know all of this, you get your rhythm, you are that much closer to actually starting your own company, something which Nemesh and Sarang frequently encourage us to do.

I am really glad that I decided to fill that application form and I am even more excited about what’s next at Appointy.

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