Appointy’s International Offsite #5 – Hello from Phuket- Best five days of 2022!

One fine day, we got a message from Anviti ma’am (Appointy’s ultimate travel planner) telling us about the company’s next international offsite to Phuket. Believe me, it didn’t take me more than 5 seconds to say yes to the trip!

I’ve been working with Appointy for more than 2 years now, and have heard a lot about the company’s earlier international offsites. But this time it was different from earlier offsites because we all were going to travel internationally after almost 3 years (thanks to COVID).

So our trip started from Mumbai where I joined my fellow colleagues, from where we took an evening flight to Phuket, having one halt at Bangalore. 

After landing in the city of Phuket, we checked into our hotel, which has to be the most beautiful resort I’ve ever stayed in. It was a mix of modern and traditional, with many instagrammable areas. You can spend a full day here without getting bored for a second. A day here usually starts with a lavish breakfast buffet by the pool followed by a visit to their beach zoo. They have a wide array of cuddly parrots, turtles, and teacup pigs.

Phuket’s life after sunset

On the first night, we planned to roam around the market and get to know the locals. So without further ado, we took a tuk-tuk from our hotel and reached the Bangla walking street at Patong beach. Check out the photo of how we were getting ready in the hotel lobby for the most awesome night 😛

Heard a lot about this place, and it is definitely a must-visit place when in Phuket.  Half a kilometer strip lined, offering neon-drenched bars, lively atmosphere, cabaret show, etc. But for a foodie like me, the best attraction was the flavorsome street food.

But wait! The most fun part was – a group of Indians dancing on Bollywood tracks carefree in the streets of Phuket (yep, that’s us!).

The second day was dedicated to our company’s next quarter goals, Culture and Values awards and recognition. It was fun too 😛

Like nothing I’ve ever seen before – Khai Island

So, it was day 3 and I was finally ready to hit the ocean. The most famous Island around Phuket, Khai, was always on my bucket list. We boarded our private yacht and then magic happened! With breathtaking views, turquoise water, and crystal-white sand, such a landscape is to die for! (Be ready with your cameras).

My most memorable experience from the island tour was Snorkeling. Watching people back out of it made me petrified thinking this would be really challenging. But as I lay down flat on my stomach in the ocean, I could feel the magic. I can see what’s happening and how it feels under the water. Colorful fishes were swimming around me, creating different patterns. It felt like I was in another world. Well yes, I was! the Marine world. I wish I could have stayed there just a bit longer. 

I collected seashells & coral reefs from the beach like a little girl and brought them home with me. They will always remind me of one of the best memories of my life. 

Next two days I explored Phuket on my own and with different people from the company. Whether it’s chit-chatting with Shivangi Ma’am at the beach or a shopping experience with Divya, these are the memories that I’ll cherish in my heart forever. 

In the end, I would like to say that I have created a foundation for long-term happiness and can recall any time. These memories with Appointians will help me even at the hardest time in my life.

Looking forward to many more offsites and memories in the coming years!

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