Appointy: Where I am becoming better than what I was yesterday!

My exams had just ended and I already knew how I’d be spending my semester break. Well, not just my semester break, but also my complete semester or more maybe. I was too excited to think about anything else and that one thing camouflaged every other thing. Everything was forethought. June 22nd was the date when I’ll be officially starting as an intern at Appointy.

JUNE 22, 2016.

The day had come. I was at Appointy; nothing had changed, it looked just like it did on the orientation day. The one thing that I had in my mind all this time was to make a difference as long as I’m here. I’m sure I wasn’t the only one with this thought in mind.

The interns worked on the 1st floor in the office building. Revolving chairs, beanbags, odd-shaped orbit stools and the extra-ordinary carpeting and artificial grass flooring were hinting me how fun this internship was going to be. I know it sounds crazy to get excited by seeing the kind of furniture your office has but the fact you aren’t going to work in a monotonous environment really boosts up your energy. Have a look at my favorite spot!

It’s Sheldon’s Spot!

Appointy, DeskTime, and I

I sat there in the office, surfing, getting to know how things work here. I was trying to be as productive as I could be, but my DeskTime showed me a completely different story. I HAD to find out how would I be making a difference! My journey was yet to commence. I tried ignoring DeskTime, but it kept on bothering me with the low-efficiency tag. Thanks for the help, DeskTime! Duh!


Other interns had already joined earlier and everyone had some task to be done. While catching up with my co-interns, I realized that I’d find an objective once I have a briefing session with Sarang Sir.

Everyone was as clueless as I was on Day1. Everyone found out how to work on their thought process and so did I. The briefing session isn’t a one-time thing; rather it is a customary routine. We update him with all the plans we’ve made and all the tasks we are working on and he, in turn, makes us see the bigger picture!

Work Ethics Set In

My DeskTime now shows me a better picture and I like it more now. Nemesh Sir told us one thing, “Focus on a single objective. There can be no task that takes up multiple objectives and achieves it all. Work on one thing at a time and reap results.” The ways to implement ideas, present your thought-process, and to communicate what you went through when you thought about it really helps you work on your professional skills.

MacBook-Check! Pen-Check! Diary-Check!

The other interns at Appointy are crazy. Well, who isn’t? I’m glad to have them as my colleagues and with the wacky sense of humor that we all have, we are going to be great! We have a foreign intern too! Her name’s Zsofia and she’s from France. Having Zsofia fostered the cultural diversity at Appointy.

Given the rate at which I’m learning and exploring things and the internship duration I am still left with, I’m very confident I’ll come out as a person with a broader vision and a far better strategy to get things done on her own. I’m looking forward to seeing myself as someone who is better than what she was yesterday.

Not to forget the upcoming weekend outings that I’m looking forward to eagerly. 🙂

Ayushi Singh is an engineer who is seeking a non-technical career.She's a zealous blogger and a content marketing intern at Appointy. She prefers spending her days reading frivolous theories of fandoms and the rest of the time creating interesting blogs.

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