One week in the start-up world – A roller coaster ride

So, it all started with an interview call while I was making my minor project with my friends. We were bearing with a hot summer, the hottest in the last 50 years. The approaching deadline and the fun of making something together brought the necessary motivation and extreme dedication. I was completely absorbed in work when my phone rang, and I was informed that I was shortlisted for the interview. Unlike the feeling of elation that usually follows on such announcement, my first reaction was, “Troublesome”. Although inappropriate, I think it was justified given the heat, the deadline, and my zen state of mind. But having made the right kind of mistakes I knew that it would be a huge one, to spoil this opportunity.

The interview was a learning experience. One thing that you’ll notice in your interview (or might have already had) that you’ll be hearing more and speaking less,  which might leave you wondering if you’re doing any better in your life than Jon Snow. I applied for the position of non-tech intern, where non-tech as it turned out was an umbrella term for marketing, sales, designing, content marketing, and at times (like this one) content writing. This job description, much like life is quite subjective, but here’s my advice if you’re looking for an internship at Appointy:

Assume nothing. Expect everything.

The first day was an induction into the inside world, how it operates, and measures itself.  Congratulations on making it to this point, in this blog of course. You’ve displayed a remarkable diligence in your character and I give you my respect for that. Now, I think I can start assuming a few things about you, chances are that you’re:

  1. An interested candidate looking for internship
  2. A selected candidate curious to know more about Appointy
  3. A not so interested person who is not sure of anything at this point of life, and you’re reading this article, but not quite sure why. (I feel you bro)

In case you do make it on time the first day, probably you’ll be the only one caught in that awkward moment. And then, you’ll be taken in by these guys.

Nemesh “Single Objective” Singh

Sarang “Your New Mother” Vermasarang

If you are one of those who believe that they have never really exhausted their talent, believe me there is a lot of work for you here. For the first few days, my work involved reading, understanding, reading more, and more. But SaaS metrics, were not the only new things in my life after Appointy. I tried my hand (for the first time) at Smackdown, and developed quite a liking for table tennis after my fair share of reluctance.
One unfortunate day I shaved, and unbelievably shaving was not the worst part of that day. While I was working peacefully on landing pages, there was a commotion about some cars stuck in the mud. Later that evening, I found that I had mine among them. Out of the four stuck cars, two were taken out by the time I got there, one was a lost cause, and mine was the only one yet to be attempted. The first few attempts drove the car close towards another lost cause. But then we gathered up some resources to make the ground more stable, rolled our sleeves up, and we were set for one final attempt with all our bets on it. You might be an intern at Google, Amazon or Facebook, and yes that’s a great! But, it might not give such memorable moments when the CEO of your company is pushing out your car alongside you.
IMG-20160627-WA0004Nemesh Singh is a strong man, period, and also a dangerous one while playing TT.




That’s probably all for my first week at Appointy.

Next week on Interns of Appointy:

Hey everyone! Meet Zsofia, she’s a Hungarian citizen, right now studying in France. Next week, all the interns go out on a lunch with Zsofia on her joining day. Sarang drives us to Manohar, and give us a real life feel of Fast and Furious. We have a detailed discussion of the (mad) driving skills required to survive in India, and much more. Akshay and I discover a full pantry, being the dedicated ones to be working on a Sunday. We celebrate two birthdays as one big celebration. We have some new interns coming. Things are going to get cool (freezing cool), due to a guerrilla warfare among the interns for the A.C. remote where the actual perpetrator remains (apparently) unknown. And the screening Game of Thrones Season 6 finale in the office!



Screening GoT Season 6 Finale

Final Year Student at MANIT Bhopal. Management intern at Appointy. Not really interested in the millennial pop culture. Otherwise, Interested in old books and dead poets

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