Adios Bhopal. Hello Hong Kong!


I remember once we went out on a lunch meeting with a potential investor for Appointy.

We were just interns back then.

As our meal progressed, he wanted to ask us more about how working at Appointy feels for us. When he directed the question at me, I remembered saying,

“I like working here because this place gives me stories to tell. I’m constantly in touch with some of my seniors who had passed out from college and have entered the corporate world.

None of them have any stories to tell. And I think that’s just sad.”


Fast forward to a year.

It has been eight months since I’ve joined Appointy for a full-time role.

My parents think I did it because I didn’t wanna go far away from home.

My boss here probably thinks I did it because I get to pursue writing.

My friends think I did it for the great compensation package and ESOPs that Appointy offers.

My younger brother just thinks I do it to go on an all-paid international vacation (at least) once every year.

And I don’t disagree with any of them. Because obviously, those are all great reasons to work at a Company.

But eight months later, I’d like to stick to my original reason.

This place still gives me stories to tell.

And in today’s story: Hello Hong Kong!

Once every year, Appointy takes its entire team on an all paid-for international vacation.

Once a year, everyone gets to check off boxes from their to-do-lists, have crazy fun with the team, and explore the world.

Last year, the destination of this trip was the dream capital of the world, Dubai.

And this year, we are visiting Asia’s very own global city: Hong Kong.

What’s better is: it’s going to be even more fun because everyone’s family is invited too.


It has just been 12 hours since we have left Bhopal and I’ve already almost missed a flight, made friends with an air hostess and had 4 Toblerones.

Right as I’m writing this blog, we’re all perched up together on the airport floor waiting for the rest of the members to clear immigration.

Looking forward to a big blast for the next week. Stay updated for more posts about our trip to Hong Kong. More stories about casinos, nightclub, and mountain rides coming up.

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