My Life at Appointy

Hey guys, My name is Rahul and I’m currently working with Appointy as a Marketing Associate. I’m a Mechanical Engineer from VIT University, Vellore.

It’s hard to believe 4 months have passed since I joined Appointy as an intern with absolutely no idea about what to expect. Like most of my college mates, I took part in Appointy’s placement process back in April’21 that lasted for almost a week. 

Before deciding to fill the form for a non-technical role in Appointy, I wasn’t really sure whether this was the right way to take my career forward. But, on the other hand, I saw it as an opportunity to work in a startup environment and learn something new.

So, I made up my mind to fill the form and worked towards acing the placement process. After a few days of aptitude tests and blog writing, I was selected for the interview process.

The interview was unlike any other company(I had attended 3 by then), smooth and precise. The best part was they made you comfortable by having a casual conversation before they could start out with their set of questions. 

After a few days, on the 28th of April, we got an email with the selected list of students, I was elated to see my name as one of the four students selected from over 1000 applicants.

Appointy wasted no time and boarded us as interns from the very next week. Since then, there has never been a dull moment over here. Over here, every day has been different. For me, it has been a great learning experience. 

There are many things which make Appointy a really unique workplace. Firstly, it’s a startup, so you have a lot of the usual startup perks: great workspace (PS: have only seen it in photos, since I have been working from home due to the pandemic(:  ), co-workers, and a closely-knit team, to be more precise a family.

But what makes Appointy unique is that you get to work in various departments and projects simultaneously, which allows you to learn a lot of new things and expand your knowledge. In these four months, I have worked in Content Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, and Search Engine Optimization. 

But, the icing on the cake is definitely the team at Appointy. A team that is goal-oriented, filled with workaholics, and enjoys life to the fullest. They value your opinions regardless of experience and seniority. Every single day with this team is a new learning curve for a newbie like me because they help you in unlocking your true potential with every task.

Well, I didn’t know work-from-home could be so wonderful. I have already started to think about going to the office after this pandemic. 

The thing here is that you, as a fresher, can be both the top and bottom of the company. You will have to make decisions as well as work on it. I have learned so much about how a company is run, how effective decisions are being made, and how different tasks are executed, all in just four months. And the knowledge and experience gained here are invaluable.

Filling the application form to join Appointy was probably the best decision of my life and I’m even more excited about my future at Appointy.

Cheers to the good times:)

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