The one about being ‘most viewed’

“One of the greatest moments in life is realizing that a few days back, you couldn’t do what you just did.” I had a chance of feeling the same while working at Appointy. Here’s my Appointy story-

Initially I was quite skeptical about the idea of working along with college. Appointy offered us internships that were 6 months long which put me in a doubt if I will actually be able to manage college and work without missing the fun and leisure time :p But once I was here, all my doubts simply vanished. To be an intern here has proven to be a decision I would always feel good about. This place is all about fun and the work is what you do in the parts between to not get bored. Above all the learning was just too much; something I couldn’t imagine myself knowing even after reading quite a number of books. The feel-good elements here are just so many- cooking together in the pantry, longing to get your article appreciated, instant party plans, long chit chats, laughs, feeling great about the milestones you achieve for your work, counselling sessions with Nemesh (CEO, Appointy) and Sarang (COO, Appointy) and lots of other stuff.

At Appointy as a marketing intern, my main job was to write articles. Along with this, I began writing answers to Scheduling related topics on Quora for Appointy. I remember I had written around 7-8 answers when a message pops-up in my notifications bar on Quora- YOU ARE NOW A ‘MOST VIEWED WRITER’ IN SCHEDULING. I never even thought about being a most viewed writer and here I am sitting with a badge on my profile. Being told you’re appreciated is one of the simplest yet incredibly uplifting things you can ever hear. I even had messages in my Facebook inbox from random people who read my answers on Quora about Appointy and wanted to join it as an intern. The feeling that people want to do what you did just boosts your morale a great deal.

My first stipend was the cherry on the cake. That jovial feeling of having your first check in your hands gives you the exact realization of what the French say ‘amour propre’. When I got my first check I had around thousand ideas in my mind about what to do with it. Ultimately, I decided to use this one to buy gifts for my family. The rest would be saved for a new phone 😀 At Appointy you not just earn your stipend, you also earn knowledge, experience and a first-hand exposure to the world out there. Whenever you feel like going in the wrong direction, you got these two incredible people Nemesh and Sarang to talk you out of it. It gives you so much to add to your profile and moreover boosts your self-confidence which is what we all are looking for.

A chance I am glad I didn’t miss. An experience I would like all to have. A memory to cherish forever.


I am a final year engineering graduate from MANIT, Bhopal. Currently, I am working as a Sales and marketing intern at Appointy Software.Inc. I am a working member at ISTE Student’s Chapter MANIT and have worked as a marketing intern at IIM Ahmedabad.

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