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7 Ways in which Appointy helped me grow as a Blogger.


7 Tricks that will turn you from a Newbie to a Professional Blogger!

Which title would you choose for this article? Instinct would have you go with the second one. The reason? Well, it just looks more captivating, you might say. But the actual reason behind it is the guaranteed value addition to the reader that the second title promises in the article. The first one looks more like a marketing piece for the company, so naturally, it would have a lower response rate.

Makes sense?

The ability to decide amongst the two titles basically sums up my entire learning during my internship at Appointy. It was a six-month journey that turned me from an amateur writer into a content writer.

Frankly, I was really nervous when I was offered the internship because I had never written any content for marketing purposes. It had always been personal mindless musings scribbled randomly. When Sarang (COO, Appointy) explained me my work profile, the work seemed really challenging but I was promised to be taught from scratch. And so, I decided to go for it.

It all started with getting familiar with some of the terms in the content marketing arena. SEO, ROI, CRM, UGC, COS, all of these used to seem like names of detective agencies to me initially. But soon enough I got used to the terminology.

Next, in the step was getting an inbound marketing certification. So I picked up a course from the Hubspot Academy. It just blew away my mind. There was so much to read and learn. I used to feel like I couldn’t get enough of the content. I was learning something new every day.

And soon enough, just like that, I was writing articles for the Appointy blog. With the Tech team of the interns working at a super-fast rate, there was something new to write all the time. Some of the best time I spent with my colleagues at Appointy was while I was talking to them about their experiences to write an article about it.

Work at Appointy has always been served on a fun platter. Six months used to seem like a very long time for an internship but the time flew away while we were busy learning and having fun. Quora became my new best friend and Feedly, the life support. I was even given a Kindle for extra learning.

Appointy taught me how to keep a balance between fun and learning. Working at Appointy is completely stress-free and amazingly uplifting. Sometimes, just working with a diverse group of people teaches you many things. With tech and non-tech interns working together, the knowledge flow became easy and very efficient.

I joined Appointy as a leisurely writer. But today I take pride in leaving with the knowledge of professional blogging, inbound marketing, Content marketing, B2C Marketing and some little technical add-ons here and there.

Overall, six months well spent.


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