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Day 14 of my two-month internship as a Sales and Marketing intern. I have finally settled in the office. I am finally able to manage my time effectively, thus gaining control of all the tasks at hand. These two months are an opportunity for me to acquire a wide range of skills and lessons. 

Enough of the brief overviews, let’s dive deep into the amazing work culture in this wonderful place, Appointy. 


The first day of my very first work experience

Well, I was excited. Who wouldn’t be? 

In the absence of my much-needed morning tea and a 10-hour journey for the better part of the day before, I had no idea about how my first day would be. I was completely unaware of the work I had to do or the people with whom I will work. Countless questions with patience as the only answer. 

We spent the majority of our first day in the super cool ‘Garage’, one of the most amazing places in the Appointy office. Nemesh, the founder, and CEO of Appointy took the first session for all the interns using some really cool Avenger’s references. He walked us through all the challenges which he faced from 2001 till the present day. He also gave us a brief idea of his vision for the company in the coming years. There was a lot to absorb from that long presentation, but it was worth it. The presentation described the major milestones which were instrumental in the success of Appointy as a SaaS (Software as a Service) company. 

Right after that, we were informed about our schedule for the day. The day was planned in a way such that we get acquainted with the environment and the people around us. Then, we were off to see the rest of the office. Well, each place had a special name. The Brainstorming Room, Support Room, Purple and Orange Meeting areas and the Cafeteria. The Cafeteria is the place where we now spend most of our free time either playing pool, table tennis and foosball. We were also directed to our workplaces. After that, we had our lunch and were back again in the Garage where we had an informal session with Sarang, the co-founder, and the COO of the company. Well, the session, which began with all of us introducing ourselves, soon turned into a chaotic pictionary arena. Seems grand, right? Well, it was fun. 


The next few days… 

The first few days mostly comprised of introductory sessions followed by pieces of training. The training was carefully designed so that we get acquainted with our roles. And gradually, we did. Initially, it was difficult to manage time with so many things lined up, but over time, all of us got used to it. The smooth transition from training to actual work was exciting. 

But apart from all this, working here is a different type of enjoyment altogether. From watching Game of Thrones in the Garage to playing pool in whatever free time we get, time at Appointy is really amazing. On the day of the IPL final, Gaurav texted on the WhatsApp group about the screening of the match in the Garage. It was MI vs CSK. I was super-excited. The match was a nail-biter, but watching it in the Garage was a different feeling altogether. Apart from this, the daily leg-pulling by Sarang, followed by him consoling that he does that to everyone is also fun. (I have only been a witness, never a victim).

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”, right? Well, everyone here agrees to it. And so, the first exciting thing in the very first week – a Football tournament. Oh God, everyone was excited. All of us were divided into 4 teams with 15 players each. I seriously did not know how anyone here played, but then it was all for fun. The tournament was an amazing one. My team was the winner, but the victory was hard fought. More importantly, I got a chance to know people from the office with whom I had never interacted before. I started feeling that I was a part of this company now, and it felt great. I had an amazing time during the tournament, with some really funny moments. We also had a birthday celebration of one of my fellow interns in the midst of the tournament. On the whole, it was a much-needed break. All of us were tired. But we were back with fresh minds for work the next day. 

A lot to look forward to…

The one priceless thing that I will take from here will be the experience of start-up life. After two weeks here, I can say that working at Appointy is rarely overwhelming. Everyone is friendly and motivated to make the work-place fun and stress-free. Our mentors are very helpful and guide us whenever we need their help in anything. In fact, when I look around, I can see the passion in everyone and the tireless efforts that they put to make the company bigger and better. 

Apart from all the work and fun over here, one thing that I love about this place is the work culture. People here are not just employees or interns. Everyone is treated like family and the environment in the office is always positive, which motivates everyone to give their best in whatever task they undertake. It’s just been two weeks into the internship and I feel that I am learning a lot of new things. Over the course of two months, I am sure that it will be an invaluable experience full of inspiration and loads of happy memories. 

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