The one where they all get paid.



A lot of ‘first time’ things happened for all of us when we joined Appointy- first job, first big project, first stipend, first feeling of being independent and mature. After one month, when we had done a substantial amount of work we were all eagerly waiting for our Desktime hours to get added, as after that we would be receiving what we all had been dying for- Our first stipend. We all had big plans on what to do with our stipends. When I got mine, I first called my mom and send my mom and dad a picture of the cheque. It feels so overpoweringly great when you have that first cheque in your hands- like you could now buy this entire world… * So here’s what we all did with our first stipends-

Hariom had long been waiting to buy a bike on his own but was short of some money. His first stipend turned out to be the last coin in the pot.

I took my family for a nice fancy dinner. It felt so great not to do what dad has been doing for years. It gives such a great feeling of being mature and responsible.

Akshay got a new iPhone 6 from his.

Anviti took her family and friends out for a treat. And then she had this plan to use a part of her each month’s stipend to shop something for her.

Himadri was really excited about her cheque as she was leaving for her hometown the day she got hers. Handing out your first cheque in your parents hand is the most soul satisfying thing.

This is how we cherished our first stipends.

I read this somewhere- Thanks to his salary, an employee is free to eat whatever, wherever. However, because of his job, he is not free to eat whenever. And I just realized that for us this never happened. At Appointy we are always free to eat whatever, wherever and of course whenever. Here, it’s not about working day and night; it’s about you enjoying your work life; to make every moment of it delightful. All-in-all not to miss out the fun in your life and be the happy go lucky person that you are not just outside the office but while you are at your chair too.





I am a final year engineering graduate from MANIT, Bhopal. Currently, I am working as a Sales and marketing intern at Appointy Software.Inc. I am a working member at ISTE Student’s Chapter MANIT and have worked as a marketing intern at IIM Ahmedabad.

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