The one with the lost camera battle.

So this is yet another story of how we party at Appointy-

We had all just arrived back from our winter break in January. The day we re-joined at Appointy, Sarang (COO, Appointy) tells us that he just bought a BMW GT. Now that was our chance to grab a treat. We all just forgot about the work we had to do, and started whining and suggesting places for the treat. And yes we did get a treat once all of us were back. All of us (12 interns) along with Sarang (COO, Appointy) and Nemesh (CEO, Appointy) went to Domino’s where we ate like we had not eaten since a week (typical college student thing). We had a lot of discussions over there on what to order, fights on last slices of pizza, cold drinks etc. Anviti had taken a New Year resolution to follow GM diet plan and here we were at Domino’s ordering cheese burst and cheese crust. After a slice she was like forget about the diet, she will just eat for that day. We all had put quite an effort to break her down for this. While the tittle-tattle continued, we had a sort of competition on whose phone clicks the best pictures. Pratik came up with his ONE PLUS TWO against Nemesh’s (CEO, Appointy) iPhone 6s. Pratik clicked one picture which wasn’t that bad as we made him feel about it, after which he just made an excuse that his phone’s dead because of zero battery. But who could stop us when it comes to teasing, we all just constantly reminded him of how he lost and that he just hid his phone as he was embarrassed of the bad picture. The winning picture-


The one that lost is below-


Another fun thing that happened was- I had just joined Appointy so I didn’t know all the interns. Apart from 2 or 3 I had no clue of their names which wasn’t cool as most of them were from my college too. So, while waiting for our order to come, Sarang Sir asked me to tell everybody’s name. Thankfully Pratik was sitting next to me and whispered all the names or else I would have been blank and lost the challenge. Yayee! (Nobody knew about how I got to know the names. Now they do.) So that was how another fun-filled Appointy treat ended.

It’s always fun to be around people who are as cool and cheerful as your friends. To work in an environment where your boss /senior is as light-hearted and upbeat as you are (or may be more) is just super-cool. It’s nice to know people you work with outside the office, to get to know their stories. What could be better than working with a bunch of cool people who have a lot to teach you and still behave like we are no different. At Appointy it’s all about this, working along while you make friends. They just follow what is called “WHISTLE WHILE YOU HUSTLE”. If you ever get to work here, staying an extra hour would never bother.


I am a final year engineering graduate from MANIT, Bhopal. Currently, I am working as a Sales and marketing intern at Appointy Software.Inc. I am a working member at ISTE Student’s Chapter MANIT and have worked as a marketing intern at IIM Ahmedabad.

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