The secret interview-cracking master plan! (just between you and me)


Background: This blog is relevant for people looking for a Non-tech intern at Appointy!
My primary job at Appointy is ‘Enterprise Sales’ but I am a part-time recruitment planner too. Having seen hundreds of different aspirants undergo a casual straightforward conversation (The Interview), I noticed that each one of them had the following things in common.

And! Before I share the common traits of success, just a disclaimer, I have never given an interview myself. So this is not an exclusive set in stone guide. This is my insider knowledge! 😛

Let’s begin, eh?

  1. Have a good understanding of what you have done
    I remember how Lehar’s interview was all about Aiesec and Gaurav’s was about photography. Mohit’s interview was about Cricket and VTR’s was around films. Sarang, Co-founder and interviewer, tests you on what you like, know and have worked on. I don’t remember if any of these 150 interviews were around marketing or sales or analytics. Unless you ‘say’ you know what Marketing or Sales or Analytics is!

    The interviewer understands that you are a college student and therefore the expectation is not to have a 4 page CV or a work experience or understanding of SaaS.  The interview is more about what you have done in the past! And how well you have done it! Your involvement, and your commitment!

    Pro Tip: Never use words you don’t understand. And fabricate work you have never done! The interviewer knows. Long story short! Stay HONEST!

  2. Time Commitment. A lot of time!
    Time is the currency of Appointy. There’s no way you can sustain at Appointy without investing your time. In the initial stages, investing time is crucial because this is the time you learn about Appointy, dynamics of the ever-changing market, SaaS concepts, basics about marketing, and sales! You are tagged with experienced folks at Appointy to learn on the go while doing live projects! So, if you don’t spend time at Appointy, you don’t spend time learning. And you don’t improve!

    Pro tip: Make sure you let the interviewer know that you have time!

  3. Basic English (written and verbal)
    Appointy’s primary market is the English speaking countries (USA, UK, Australia, etc.). All present non-tech interns are future customer-facing job roles. You tell me! How can Appointy recruit someone who cannot smoothly put forward his idea or understanding in grammatically correct English (both verbal and written)? And if someone argues that we will learn English with time and experience. Apologies! Not here.

    Pro Tip: Just stick to the basics. Business interactions don’t require flowery language.

Additionally, you don’t need to prepare from any online courses or books. Just revisit the task that you were given in Stage 1 and Stage 2. Go through Appointy’s website and sign-up as a customer, and explore the product. This will add value and points to discuss in your interview. It is not mandatory! But might help!

All the best! And remember, don’t tell anyone! This is just between you and me.

Akshay Gupta is a writer by chance, but his desire to write grows with writing.

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