Appointy Hackathon: A chance to bag an internship, cash prizes, and more!

With 200+ entries for the Registration form so far, our phones have been ringing constantly with doubts and questions about the upcoming Appointy Hackathon. 

So I thought I’d put together this little FAQ post to help you get everything right about the event next weekend.

All about the Hackathon

How long will it last?

Saying that it’ll last for 24 hours will be wrong.

It can last for as long as you want, but the maximum time given to you is 24 hours. Yes. That’s more correct.

You can come and leave the event venue as per your will. You can finish it in an hour and leave or you can take the entire day to brainstorm and work.

For the first one hour, a mentor will give a live demo by creating something from scratch using the same tools that’ll be provided to you.

What platforms to use?

The platforms that you need to work on will be announced a week before the event. You can prep yourself for seven days and even carry syntax cheat sheets with you on the day of the event. Just like in an open book test.

Cool, right?

Who Can Participate?

All those currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in MANIT, any Bachelor’s degree, are welcome. If you can code, you’re in!

Why participate?

  • The Experience:

Get onboard for 24-hours of adrenaline charged, mind-twisting coding tasks at our luxurious office, with a chance to interact and learn with our badass tech professionals, to satiate the coder in you.

Also, there’s delicious, free food to satiate the, well, college student in you. 😉

Hell yeah!

  • Prizes

At Appointy, we like to go big. 

1st Prize – Rs 15000

2nd Prize – Rs 8000

3rd Prize – Rs 4000

4th to 10th Position – Philips wireless bluetooth speakers.

1st- 20th Position – Graphic Tshirts+Certificates

  • An Internship at Appointy

All the candidates who get shortlisted get a chance to be a part of Appointy’s awesome Intern program. The internship is a great learning opportunity and  a loooootttt of fun!

Also, you stand a good chance to bag a PPO at Appointy if you perform well during the internship.

How to participate?

  • First Round: Online Forms

The Online Form will opened on July 19th and is closing tonight at midnight, i.e. on  July 21st. Fill it NOW to register yourself!

Event Timeline

Are you pumped-up yet? 

If not, just remember, registrations are free, and there is absolutely no downside to applying! ????

Just walk in, write the code, and win!



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