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We are coders and we wanted to try out blogging. Do you know what happens when coding meets blogging? No? You’ll find out soon.

Good things come in pairs. So do we. One handles the back-end coding and the other does the front-end part. All we know is how to code, and so we’ll code our blog. YES. You heard it right.

We had just finished our last assignment. Nemesh Sir had already thought about our next assignment. Last few assignments had been easy and only took a week or so. We thought Stripe was no different.

We had never been so wrong.

So, this was how we thought Stripe project would be like:

 Class Appointy{

        Public CEO Nemesh;
        Public Intern Lav;
        Public Intern Shan;

        Public constant DEADLINE = 3 week;
        //wrong assumption

        Public static void main(){

                Nemesh.call_Intern(Lav, Shan);
                Task = Nemesh.assignTask(“Stripe”, Lav , Shan, DEADLINE);

                //short term project

                //wrong assumption

                // NOT-SO-FAST! H-A-H-A!



20160311_193051 (1)

At beginning

After working on our ‘new’ assignment for a week and crossing our DEFINITE deadline by a week or so, we realized Stripe was a bigger project than what we assumed. So we shifted the deadline, reset our mindsets and got ready to code for the very same project for the next two months!
The code in our mind did some re-programming and changed the algorithms our brain had devised for the Stripe project.

Now, the code looked a bit more complex and much more realistic.
Stripe was no layman coding task.

Class Appointy {       


       Public CEO Nemesh;
       Public COO Sarang;
       Public Employee[] AppEmp;
       Public Intern Lav;
       Public Intern Shan;     
       Public long DEADLINE = 2 months;
       // since the deadline couldn’t be kept constant anymore 


     Public static void main(String args []){       


       Nemesh.call_Intern(Lav, Shan);
       Task = Nemesh.assignTask(“Stripe”, Lav , Shan, DEADLINE);


              //fun begins

              //easy task begins
              //wrong assumption
              // NOT-SO-EASY task begins

       catch(Exception hurdle){

              if(hurdle == newIssue){

                     //time to refer stackoverflow

                     //deadline approaching
                     // NO! NO! NO!

              //hurdle handled, Now back to coding
              resumeTask( hurdle );

       //Testing phase initiated
       //This phase seemed to go on forever
       while( infinity ){

              if( DEADLINE crossed ){

                     //Deadline extended for a month
                     ExtDEADLINE = callNemesh( DEADLINE );


              if( testingTeamCalls() ){

                     // Oh no!
                     // Time for hidden bugs to pop out


              //every employee eventually became interested in our project
              for( int i = 0; i < AppEmp; i++){

                     /* Sarang sir was the most eager one. He religiously asked for Stripe updates everyday*/

                     String response = Sarang.getStripeStatus(Lav, Shan);

                     //where value of response is “will be done by tomorrow”
                     //the response never changed by the way

                     //while others came to visit us in a day or two

                     // we already knew why they were coming

                     GatherStatusUpdate = response;
                     // and here came the question
                     AppEmp[i].getStripeStatus(Lav, Shan);




              //which didn’t happen for a long long time
              // FINALLY!




20160708_201718 (1)

At end

Stripe was a big project. Never had bugs bugged us so much and the testing phase was something which we thought would never end. If you have read our code, you know how this project was starting to seem to go on forever.

But thanks to our tech team and their guidance, we finally have successfully completed our task. Stripe will be a memorable project to be remembered with bugging bugs and the extra attention we enjoyed. 😉

So now that we are done with Stripe, as usual Nemesh Sir has found our next assignment.
Let’s see what our next adventure holds for us!

Engineering Team Lead

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