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It has been seven months since I first joined Appointy and good things have been happening since then.
But as the month of the magic number 7 ended, something great happened.

One of my childhood wishes came true.

Since I was a little girl I used to carry a notebook and a pen in my hand and dream of having something written by me published somewhere with a section of “About the author” displayed alongside it. I know it’s not something that falls in the category of a clichéd dream but I still had it.

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When I joined Appointy and started writing posts for the team blog I realized I was halfway through what I wanted. The blog wasn’t completely set up during the time I started writing so it wouldn’t show the blogger profiles but was still published.

I remember I kept pestering Nemesh sir to work on the front end of the blog soon just because I wanted to see my name and picture published next to my post.
(I might sound crazy but I’m not! It’s just a writer thing.)

Finally during the summer break Nemesh sir found the time to re-design the blog and when I came back to the office in June I found a whole new structure to the bog. There were categories, tags, new tabs, menus, related posts and a lot of other features that resonated with my idea of an ideal blog. The blogs of the interns from the second batch were already out and they had done a splendid job. The blog reflected all the fun, laughter and memories. It clearly reflected our Life at Appointy.

I didn’t know about it but Piyush sir was allotted the task to sync everyone’s bio on the blog with their Gravatar accounts and provide the links to their profiles on various social media platforms. So I clicked on one of my previous posts just to look at it and feel happy about it.

This is how it looked.

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Saying it was close to what I wanted it look like would be unfair. It was exactly how I imagined it would be. It was perfect.

It was a small milestone that I had dreamt of long back but Appointy helped me achieve it.

These days whenever I open our team blog I look at all the interns’ profiles and feel proud about all of our work. Everyone, even the tech interns are trying their hands at penning down their experiences. And the results are amazing. (This happens when Coding meets Blogging)

We are closing sales deals, working on international partner programs, implementing marketing hacks, writing our first blogs and Appointy is helping us do all this. It’s simply incredible.

I’m happy, excited and proud of my work. I’m 21 and my dreams are coming true. ^.^

Cheers to Appointy!




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