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But don’t worry I won’t be opening this one off with a ‘Once Upon A Time’. I’m as much of a blogger as much as much as I am a poet. It’s 3 AM in the middle of a Thursday night and I’m supposed to be fast asleep, not that it bothers me the least bit. Instead I’d been reading Life At Appointy blogs when I got really excited and pulled up a sheet of paper and started scribbling as fast as my otherwise slow fingers could to write one of my own.

I was pretty damn sure that the internship would be a piece of cake for me. It wasn’t like I had my head in the clouds or anything but I’d learnt the little designing I knew all by myself and used it to make posters, brochures and every piece of not so relevant information that could be designed into something for the entire 2 years in college. Little did I know, this was not going to be petty college business that could be whipped up an hour before the deadline. This was serious business. Millions of dollars of serious business to be accurate.

Day 1 was an excruciatingly monotonous and long ride to the office¬†with multiple stops in between every time we got drenched by the rain. The weather was in no mood to be good to us. Went in, got to know my surroundings and set my laptop, charger, phone, diary and every thing else an intern could ever need on the desk in perfect order of how people suffering from obsessive compulsive disorders like me like them to be in. And I designed and I photoshopped. For an entire week this was my routine until it was my time to show Nemesh Sir ( CEO and The Go To Visual Guy ) some of the designs. It’s safe to say he majorly disliked them. The colors were everywhere, the text was awkward and it basically sucked. It’s also safe to say I was both taken aback and confused.

I went back to my seat and after looking at it for 5 minutes I realised he had struck home. He was right! Just when I was about to lose all hope he told me to throw it down the drain and start fresh. He’d got me there to learn and hustle, not to do the same thing I’d been doing for 2 years over and over again.

So I read and I absorbed. I tried once then twice and again and again until I’d done my ultimate best and that is when I fell in love with design all over again. I didn’t mind the long rides at all anymore. I could be working and learning for an entire day stuck to my screen for hours on end and I’d still be beaming at the end of it. It wasn’t so much the excitement of my first job or my first salary. It was just the fact that I could go to this place every day with the kind of work culture they have filled with the passionate men and women and do the one thing I loved the most. Create!

It’s 4 AM now and I’ve really got to get some sleep. Cheerio !

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