How did this short film help me to get an internship at Appointy?

This is the short film I made, which landed me into one of the best Indian Start-ups.


‘Vinay Teja Reddy’, I heard amidst the music and the crowd and it took me 3 seconds to realise that I was being called for.  I was shocked as I didn’t expect my selection, and later I realised that it was my short film which landed me into one of the best Indian Start-ups.

All I had, was a Canon 1200D in my hand, a random idea in my mind and loads of enthusiasm for the short film which I was going to make. At that point of time, my life was so dry with average grades and I just wanted to do the film, because I liked the process of film making and I loved the thought process involved. But never, I could even guess where this film would take me to.  

I didn’t have great equipment, nor good technicians. I was the only person who was involved in making this film, the pre-production, the shoot and the post production. I have missed out on some aspects, but there was one thing in the film that caught the attention of the CEO of Appointy. It was the unturned brick that I had kept, in the plot. If anyone would care to turn it, they would like the film.

The next day I released the film on YouTube, there was a company which was recruiting interns from our college, and I being an opportunist wanted to attend the interview. I didn’t know what they wanted in a person, and I was myself in the interview and I told about my interest for creativity and my passion for life.

I would be happy to get a single appreciation of my thought process than a hundred views, for my film. This is the reason I didn’t hesitate to keep that unturned brick. Many people didn’t like the film, as they didn’t care to turn the brick and some didn’t like the execution, but that unturned brick was the reason my name was called out, as a non-tech intern of 2016. It is a great opportunity one can ever get, I felt I deserved this chance.


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