Zsofia at Appointy, the adventure continues…

It is not possible, the second week is about to end ?! During my second week, I had already more tasks to do and the team organised also many programs to have more fun and get to know each other better. Let’s start to sum up what has happened then this week…

First of all, this week starting from Monday some new interns joined the Appointy team, and the first floor of the office became pretty crowded. To have a chair in the calm windless sector there is the “first arrival first served” principle in place. Okay, I exaggerate, those who come late, the bean bag chairs are also super alternatives. At the beginning it was a huge challenge to remember all the names, but in 2 days it all got better!

On Monday, we had a super program after work: the interns’ team went to bowling and then to a super nice dinner! It was the idea of our team leader to organise monthly events for the interns’ team. He gives us the opportunity to chose the programme and to organize it, it is great! The bowling was great, we had super fun!


I really enjoy the work here! The pace is very cool but in the same time we are expected to make a good work. It could not be better: a friendly and motivating environment !!

This week, the blog post is mostly to present our task and projects we are currently working on. I joined the team in the marketing and sales fields, with the main purpose to realize parthership programs with French and potentially Hungarian software resellers. My task is divided in little steps regarding its organizational process. First, with Askay and Amar, we made a list of people who we will contact by mail both in Hungary and France. Then the guys created the content of the mail that I translated and sent to 35 people in the first found. This week, we made two other followups for this same list. The results of opening rates are quite good, higher than the average! The most interesting and also challenging thing this week was the phone calls! I was a little terrified to contact personally software resellers, but after two calls I feel a little bit more confident. Sure, I still need to improve my personal selling skills! 🙂

But to sum up, and make you really believe how relaxed is it time by time I can mention the day, when the team watched together the last season’s final of Game of thrones. Thank to them, I had an introduction to its inside, it was the first episode I saw.. (Funny, isn’t it, to start with season 6?). More over, in three weeks three girls had their anniversary, so the team organised them a little surprise! They got a birthday cake and we sang the Happy Bday song together in hindi! Here there is a funny tradition, that the first piece of the cake makes a little tour and get tasted. I have never ever seen this before!! What I most like about the life at Appointy is the atmosphere and people and the opportunity of learning from many aspects!

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